Melissa's Pet Skin Crème provides the healing benefits of Aloe Vera with the moisturizing relief from avocado oil. Apply it directly to the pads of paws, dry cracked noses and irritated ear tips.

* Calms down raw, sore and inflamed skin. Treats split and brittle nails making them strong and flexible.

* Relieves discomfort due to cracks, calluses and scratches. Sooths tender paws after long walks on the hot pavement or salted snow.

* Melissa's Pet Skin Crème preserves the natural moisture balance of paw pads and achieves long-lasting results.

* Hypoallergenic and pH adjusted for dogs. Cruelty-Free.

*It is shipped 6 per package.

Directions: For best results wipe paws down with a moist cloth. Apply a small amount of Melissa's Pet Skin Crème to pads and nails then massage gently and firmly in a circular motion. If your dog is not used to having his paws handled then simply spend a little bit of time each evening caressing the top of the paws. Just start with half a minute and gradually increase the time. This should desensitize the feet within a few days.

Melissa Pet Pet Skin Creme 1/2 oz